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Slip And Fall

Slip and fall injuries are a type of personal injury that happens when the property owner or manager fails to correct a hazardous setting and puts visitors at risk of injury. One of the issues that can arise after an incident is finding out who is responsible for the negligence that created the dangerous condition in the first place. At Carter Law Group, we will conduct a thorough investigation to identify and go after those responsible for putting you in harm’s way.

What You Should Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

The very first things you should do after slipping and falling is to report the incident to the property owner/manager and seek medical attention, even if you do not think your injuries are serious. You may not feel like you suffered a serious injury due to the feelings of shock and adrenaline that can happen immediately after a traumatic event or injury. A physician can determine the extent of your injuries and let you know what kind of treatment you will need and what to expect during your treatment and recovery. This will also document your injury to avoid defense attorney claims that something other than their client’s negligence caused your complaints. The longer you wait to seek medical attention and legal advice from a qualified personal injury attorney, the easier you will make it for the defense attorney to poke holes in your case.

You have the right to go about your day with the expectation that you’re not going to suffer injuries due to the negligence of someone else. When someone creates a hazardous situation and neglects to resolve it to prevent injury, and you’re the person that gets injured as a result, you deserve aggressive representation to get you the justice you deserve.

Get in Touch With Us at The Carter Law Group for a Slip and Fall Claim

Call us today for a consultation with Dan and his legal team to discuss your slip/trip and fall claim. Together we’ll go over the details of your accident and determine the likelihood of filing a slip and fall claim against those who are responsible for the conditions that led to your accident. We can help you to present the strongest case possible to the at fault party’s insurance carrier and if necessary to a jury. Guidance from an experienced trial attorney with years of experience is invaluable to helping your claim succeed and getting the justice you’re due.


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